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Due: The 1st of the month.

Please complete the form below only once you have all the information ready. You will need the following:

  • An email address specific to your business.

  • A domain purchased via GoDaddy or NameCheap or other domain provider.

  • A Squarespace account created with your business email (create an account only - please do not start a free trial).

  • Information for social media accounts created for your business (including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and one other). *optional

  • A Mailchimp account and initial newsletter list to add people to. *optional

Name *
Social Media


Due: Please note that all photos must be uploaded to and sorted in your Google Drive folder by the 10th of the month.

  • Book a professional photo shoot and/or source high-quality stock images that coordinate with your ideal colour scheme.

    • Professional photo shoots ideally result in bright, high-resolution images. Your photographer should take photos in both portrait and landscape mode.

    • High resolution stock images can be downloaded for free at Unsplash, or bundles of images can be purchased from Creative Market or Etsy.

  • Place all of your photos in your Google Drive folder. If you want a photo on a specific webpage, please label it as such.

Brand Development

  • The fun kind of homework: logo shopping, a Pinterest board full of colour inspiration, a photo shoot with your favourite photographer, and guided questions to help you create the perfect content for your website.

  • Shop for a logo on Creative Market. Send me the links to your top three options.

  • Build a Pinterest board with 15-20 pins, focusing on colour combinations that you are drawn to.

  • Complete the brand questionnaire

Website Development

  • Choose your top three Squarespace templates (visit my FAQ page for a list of my favourite templates).

  • Follow the links to create the content for the following:

    • Homepage

    • Services & Pricing

    • About

    • Contact

    • Blog (optional)

    • Testimonials (optional)

Design Feedback

Where your brand comes to life. I customize a beautiful logo and several variations. Your website is developed with your curated content, designed to thoughtfully guide your clients from page to page.

  • Provide logo feedback

  • Provide website feedback

Final Review

A careful review of your site allows us to adjust and edit as we close in on launch day. Buttons and links are tested. Colors and fonts are perfected. Everything starts to come together (and we’re both pretty excited about it).


You’re sent a 30-minute training video on the backend of your Squarespace template, so that you can learn how to manage your website on your own terms, saving you tons of money in the long run.

  • Review your training video, play around on your practice page.

  • Send me any outstanding questions within one week of receiving the video.


Linking a domain is not for the faint of heart. Let me point those codes to the right spot, so that when you’re ready to launch, your website goes live without a hitch. It sounds like a congratulations is in order!

  • Celebrate the launch of your website

Process Feedback & Testimonial


  • Branding Questionnaire

  • Pinterest Board Color Matching

  • Logo Customization of a Premade Logo

  • 1-3 Variations on Final Logo

  • Web & Print Ready Files

The Design Process:

1) Client Homework: 

  • Client secures booking with $150 deposit via Paypal or below (see Secure Your Booking)

  • Client prepares Pinterest board with ideal brand colors

  • Client purchases a premade logo

  • Client completes brand questionnaire

2) Asset Creation:

  • 21B Creative customizes the logo in Adobe Illustrator

  • 21B Creative creates 1-3 variations of the logo

  • Client approves final logo via email

  • 3 types of web & print files are created in various colours based on final logo

3) Asset Transfer:

  • All logo variations are uploaded to a Dropbox folder

  • Client pays remaining $150 via Paypal or below

  • 21B Creative sends a link to the Google Drive folder

  • 21B Creative sends client an invoice for full payment

  • Client completes 21B Creative feedback form


Secure Your Booking

Brand Questionnaire

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Em Woodman Design Process Feedback Form

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