Stacy Hamilton

// Website Design

At 21B Creative, our goal is to design websites that are modern, beautiful, navigable, and easy for our clients to manage. To do so, we use a platform called Squarespace, which has a simple backend that we can train our clients to use in about one hour. Clients are responsible for purchasing a Squarespace website, reserving a domain (although your first year is free with a Squarespace platform purchase) and providing the necessary info to their designer to ensure a published site. At 21B, we are proud members of the Squarespace Circle design community.

Being a member of Squarespace Circle means that we get extended trials to use while building our client's sites, so don't worry about signing up for one yourself. We'll take care of that and invite you as a contributor when the time is right. That said, you're encouraged to browse the Squarespace templates that are available and make note of your favourites. 

// Website Questionnaire

Your answers to the following questions will help us estimate the size, scope, and nature of your website, as well as help you think through what it is exactly you would like to create. 

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// Process Outline & Client Homework

Just 12 steps remain in creating and launching your new website. Please ensure that all feedback and content is sent to your designer by the agreed-upon deadlines to ensure your site is launched on time! Here we go...

1. Review Squarespace templates
2. Project intro Skype call
3. Email/Dropbox all website content to 21B. Please label all content clearly and consistently. Don't forget to include: 

  • brand design elements and info (logos, fonts, RGB colour values)
  • hierarchical navigation outline (including both visible and hidden pages) 
  • written copy (headlines, tag lines, body text, photo captions, team bios etc.)
  • professional-grade photos & head shots
  • contact info 
  • contact form questions
  • testimonials
  • social media links and passwords 
  • footer content 
  • domain registry info and password
  • name and email address of other required site administrators
  • any other info you'd like to share on your site

4. Website wireframe development by 21B
5. Provide detailed feedback on website wireframe
6. Wireframe revisions by 21B
7. Website design by 21B
8. Provide detailed feedback on website design
9. Website design revisions by 21B
10. Squarespace training via Skype
11. Upgrade to paid site & transfer of website ownership
12. Link to domain and launch!